Who we are.

We are a consortium of different but like-minded hotels and properties in Punta Cana, working together to ensure the expectations of our guests are not just met, but exceeded, with regards to safety, security, and, of course, service. Our commitment, called the Punta Cana Promise, carefully outlines what policies, procedures, safety guidelines, and security measures can be expected at each and every hotel participating in the Punta Cana Promise. As a group of like-minded hotels, we understand the level of trust you place in us to take care of your family, and delivering that level of service is our top priority.

What is the Punta Cana Promise?

Simply put, the Punta Cana Promise is a commitment, our word, highlighting the measures each participating hotel undergoes with regards to safety and customer service. The eight-point Promise details our policies on everything from screening and background checks for all employees to working with licensed and certified food and beverage distributors from the United States and the UK. It’s a promise from us, to you and your family. Just look for the Punta Cana Promise Seal when booking.

Is the Punta Cana Promise new?

Yes and no. While our hotels have adhered to the policies outlined in our eight-point Promise for years, this is the first time we have come together as a consortium to assure travelers any questions or concerns they may have about safety or specific policies can be addressed with the most updated, factual information available in one easy-to-find resource. We encourage all travelers to review the Promise and ask questions before booking their next vacation. Transparency regarding our operations and our longstanding commitment to safety is paramount to us.

Why now?

In the last year there have been a handful of headlines regarding the deaths of tourists while visiting various parts of the island, and we want to directly address the concerns raised by these incidents. The best way to approach questions about safety and policies and procedures is head on: Hence the creation of the eight-point Punta Cana Promise. Each of the eight points seeks to answer specific questions that have arisen in the last few months, especially surrounding rumors of tainted alcohol or dangers lurking in mini bars. While the FBI and other official law enforcement agencies have published their findings ruling these causes out, we understand that questions may still linger. Please feel free to contact any of the hotels and resorts on this site for more information.

If a hotel is not on this list, is it safe to book?

We can only offer assurances for hotels listed on PuntaCanaPromise.com, because they have all committed to the Promise and we have worked with them to confirm that they adhere to the safety measures outlined in the Promise.

How long will the Punta Cana Promise last?

The Punta Cana Promise is an ongoing commitment from all participating hotels and resorts. The policies and procedures outlined in the Promise ensure a safe and secure environment for all guests, year-round. Any changes made to the Promise will only serve to enhance the strict safety measures already in place.

Where can I get more information or find other resources online?

All the hotels participating in the Promise are listed on this site, and each property link will take you to that specific hotel website. We’ll also be adding more information to this site, so check back often.